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Old 06-26-2001

HI, I am totally new here, but I think I have come to the right place. I am a Microsoft programmer who doesn't know squat about UNIX, but need to write some unix scripts on the double. I have a short script that I want to invoke from the command line. I have the file in which I wrote this:

cd ~/exe/dir1/dir2
programName arguments > outputFile

I invoke this file from the command line and I get an error at line 1 saying "/usr/me/exe/dir1/dir2^M" does not exist. I assumed that since I used notepad to create the file from my laptop that there was an end of line character that got transferred across OSs. So, I went to the machine and used nedit to create a new file, but got the same error. (REALLY trying to avoid vi until I have more time....) What is my problem?

Thanks in advance

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Old 06-27-2001
As far as I can remember ^M is a carriage return, which means you have a control character at the end of that command which you don't want. I know this is not want you wanted to hear but I would open it up using vi or similar editor and take a proper look at the specific line.

You always have to start with vi at some point Smilie

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Old 06-27-2001
if you are on solaris you can use a utility called: dos2unix

#dos2unix orig-file orig-file.new

and this will take care of your ^M problem.
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