Creating a batch file.

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Old 06-26-2001
Question Creating a batch file.

I'm very new to unix and for the most part make my way around but I need to know how to create a batch file that can be ran at scheduled time. The main function of the file will be to copy files to different locations then FTP to a different server. Please help. I you have an example that would be great.

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Old 06-26-2001
Batch files


You can use crontab to schedule your batch file. Type "man crontab" for the manual. I can't help you with the batch file since my boss would kill me if I am not doing my work but yours Smilie, but you can type normal command line commands in a file, and make it executable ( use chmod ), and then you can run it.

I hoped this helped you at least to get started...
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Old 06-26-2001
i use ncftp to do batchmod ftping. u get the idea.
if [[ `ls -l /homes/q162 | wc -l` -ge 2 ]] ; then
        cd /homes/q162
                for file in *;do
                        newname=`echo $file | sed 's/^....//'|awk -F"." '{ print $1 }'`
                        mv $file CLIENTCODE${newname}`date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S`.DAT
/usr/local/bin/ncftpput -f /homes/ncftp_scripts/q162_ncftp_out.conf -S .tmp -DD kfu /homes/q162/*

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