How do you know what your current shell is?

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Question How do you know what your current shell is?

How do you know what shell you're in? I'm not looking for my login shell, but the one that i'm in currently.


bash-2.03$ csh
aries% ksh

What indicates that i'm in the c shell or the korn shell?
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at your shell prompt type echo $SHELL or take a look at your passwd entry in /etc/passwd to see what your default shell is.
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How do you know what your current shell is?

hmm... I must not be asking my question correctly.. sorry... newbie.

I start out in a bash shell, I change to the korn shell... what tells me that i've changed shells? Can you tell by the prompt?
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Bourne-type shells (that includes bash and ksh) have a $ in front of them. The C shell uses a %, and I think tcsh uses a >.

If you're a super-user or root, you're going to have a hash mark (#) in front no matter what.

You can grep the /etc/passwd file with your username to find out what shell starts up on default (it's the last field), but I'm not sure if there is a command or variable that tells the active shell.
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I think you asked correctly, I missunderstood. I wouldnt go by the shell prompt since you can easily change that (though it may have historical significance as to the shell it represents) Here is a way to get what your after...using the PID from the shell that your in see who the owner of that process is.

echo $$ # Gives the Parent Process ID
ps -ef | grep $$ | awk '{print $8}' #use the PID to see what the process is.

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