Counting Occurances in Two Files

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Old 06-25-2001
Question Counting Occurances in Two Files

I have two files I want to compare, one is a list of variables and the other is a text file COBOL program.
Basically what I want to do is display only those variables that appear in the COBOL program only once. However I would also accept a count of each variable as it appears in the COBOL program.

fgrep -f VAR TEST.CBL
will display the lines of the code that match the variable file, however what I need is to locate those variables that have only one match.

Any ideas?
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Old 06-26-2001
I dont think you can do it directly with grep. How about:

for f in `cat VAR`
  COUNT=`grep $f TEST.CBL | wc -l`
  if [[ $COUNT -eq 1 ]]
     echo $f

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Old 06-26-2001
Works great!
Thank you PxT!
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