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Old 11-20-2000
I just phisically connected my Unix machine with my WindowsNT machine, but the question rises how to proceed.
I'm not familiar with all the settings or system operations, so I just want a simple to use programm so I can get the two to work together. Does anybody have an answer.
Many thanx in advance
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Old 11-20-2000
Hammer & Screwdriver samba

If you want to access your unix file systems from your NT network, you better install and configure "samba".
It's not that trivial, if you could find someone who did it before to show you, it would be better.
but that's the most common way to share files between Unix and NT.
you can download SUN binaries and source from sunfreeware.com

The other way around is to export NT files to the unix, and this is done by some kind of PC-NFS software you install on the NT side.

Hope that what you were asking about. (sharing files, and not just connectiviy).

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Old 11-20-2000

It would help if you would further define what you mean by "connect". The word 'connect' is ambiguous in computer networking. Do you want to:

Move files back and forth?

Mount shared file systems?

Remotely login to one from another?

Share printers?

Share graphical information?

Combine event logging?

Run embedded procedures?

None of the above? (please let us know what you require)

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