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Old 09-20-2000

I need to setup several accounts on a solaris system.
My question is :

How can I create a group which can access a machine, but only in certain directories?

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Old 09-20-2000

That is easy, if I read your question correctly.

Lets say you have users A, B, C, D.

Set up a new group, say Newgroup in the /etc/group(s)
file. In that file, add A, B, C D to that group.

On the directories, give the appropriate permission
to allow the access you want to that group.

Details are in all standard UNIX books. Hope this helps.
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Old 09-20-2000

if I understand this correctly,

I am basically

-creating the users/groups
-change the directory permissions to reflect which group is allowed to access that directory

If i am correct, can you give me some command line examples

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Old 09-20-2000
Hammer & Screwdriver

OK. The actual commands and flags depend on the flavor of UNIX you are playing on (YMMV):

In Linux you add users with the 'adduser' command.

After adding users, you create a group by editing the
/etc/group file and add users to the group. I use the
VI editor.

Now you have users and groups Smilie.

The permissions are based on your different requirements.
Lets say you want the new users to write in the directory
but no modify it.

mkdir /tmp/newdirectory

chown root.newgroup /tmp/newdirectory

chmod 770 /tmp/newdirectory

This means that root will be able to read, write, and search; members of the newgroup will be able to do the
same. Other users and groups will have no permissions
to write, search or read the directory.

It is best, IMHO, for you to read the man pages on chown()
and chmod() and then experiment by changing to different
users (to get a flavor for how it actually works.)

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Old 09-20-2000
MySQL cool

Alright I get it

Just for your futher reference, I am working with Solaris 2.6

I know this is simple admin stuff but I am scheduled to take a class on this stuff this fall

Thanks again

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