Bash script problems int to binary

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Bash script problems int to binary

Hi, I am trying to do a bash script that convert a decimal number to a binary value, but it doesn't work...
To begin, I am just trying to convert a positive number to 8 bits binary.
read -p"Entrez un nombre entre -128 et 127 pour l'encoder en binaire: " number
binaryValues=(128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1)
if [ $number -lt 0 ] #transformer la copie du nombre en positif.
(( positiveNum=$number-$number*2 )) 
for i in "${binaryValues[@]}"
if (( $positiveNum -ge ${binaryValues[i]} ))
positiveNum=$"(( $positiveNum-${binaryValues[i]} ))"
echo ${binaryNumber[@]}

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Greetings and welcome,

Is this homework or classwork? As we have a special forum for that purpose with its own rules you have to comply with...

Q: Why have you ommited the value 0 (zero) as binary value?
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If you are using
for i in "${binaryValues[@]}"

; then i will contain the value, not the array index in every iteration
-ge is incorrect syntax within (( ... )) , that should be >=
$"((...))" is incorrect usage of quotes, that should be: $((...))
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you could write a bash function like this:

dec2bin () {
  # dec2bin num [width] [var]
  local num bin=""
  ((${#3})) &&
      printf -v ${3} "%0*d" ${2:-1} $bin ||
      printf "%0*d\n" ${2:-1} $bin

# example calls
dec2bin 59
dec2bin 59 8
dec2bin 23 5 test
echo 23 in binary is $test

23 in binary is 10111

Last edited by Chubler_XL; 11-23-2019 at 02:37 PM.. Reason: num should be a local variable to
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One wonders why if this is not homework.

How about using what's already available and set the length like this:-

length=20              # Perhaps this is ridiculous, but it proves the point.

number_out=$(echo "obase=2 ; print $number_in" | bc)
printf "%0${length}d\n" "${number_out}"

I hope that this helps,
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Please be aware that

if [ $number -lt 0 ] #transformer la copie du nombre en positif.
(( positiveNum=$number-$number*2 )) 

doesn't fly; e.g.
 127d = 01111111b
-127d = 10000001b

That's how (most) computers represent integers: two's complement.
This User Gave Thanks to RudiC For This Post:
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A quicky demo for 0 to 127 only using OSX 10.14.6, default 'bash' version 3.2.x...
Called as [./] <integer_from_0_to_127> ...
# <integer_0_to_127>
for COUNT in 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
    M=$(( NUMBER / 2 ))
    N=$(( NUMBER % 2 ))
    STRING=${STRING}$( printf "%d" "${N}" )
echo "0${STRING:6:1}${STRING:5:1}${STRING:4:1}${STRING:3:1}${STRING:2:1}${STRING:1:1}${STRING:0:1}"

For values -1 to -128 take a look at using binary XOR "relative to zero" for example "-1" becomes binary "11111111"
AMIGA:amiga~> XORED=$(( 00000000 ^ 11111111 ))
AMIGA:amiga~> echo "-1 = ${XORED} relative to the positive value 00000000..."
-1 = 11111111 relative to the positive value 00000000...
AMIGA:amiga~> _

Last edited by wisecracker; 11-23-2019 at 02:27 PM.. Reason: Added XOR research...
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