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Command works interactively but not in bash script

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Old 11-13-2019
Command works interactively but not in bash script

The below command works in the terminal interactively but not as part of a bash script. I though maybe I needed to escape the "$dir" so it isn't interpreted literally, but that's not it. Thank you Smilie.

interactively in terminal

new=$(ls "$dir"/*.csv -tr | tail -n 1) && echo "the current csv is from: " && date -r "$new" "+%m/%d/%Y"

the current csv is from: 

as part of #!/bin/bash

the current csv is from:

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Old 11-13-2019

I'm not getting the same error, although I've tested running the shell from the same directory as the test data and a different directory;

Is there more to the script - see below for the test.

fbakirpomd5 (root) /root-> pwd
fbakirpomd5 (root) /root-> ls *.csv
fbakirpomd5 (root) /root-> cat
new=$(ls "$dir"/*.csv -tr | tail -n 1) && echo "the current csv is from: " && date -r "$new" "+%m/%d/%Y"
fbakirpomd5 (root) /root-> ./
the current csv is from:
fbakirpomd5 (root) /root-> /usr/local/bin/
the current csv is from:
fbakirpomd5 (root) /root->


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Old 11-13-2019
Please post operating system details.

Can you show output from :
which bash
head -1 <your script> | od -cb

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Old 11-13-2019
Originally Posted by cmccabe
The below command works in the terminal interactively but not as part of a bash script. . .
Difficult to believe. Any error messages? is dir exported / defined (within the script)?

Try also
stat -c"the current csv is from: %y" *.csv | sort -r -k6,6 | head -1

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Old 11-14-2019
I found the error in the script... thank you Smilie.
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Old 11-14-2019
After 1300ish posts one should know to post error you found.
This will benefit others and be in search results.

So, please, post the solution.

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Old 11-14-2019
Maybe this will help others:

In $dir the were multiple csv files that were the same name, so I needed to add a condition to remove all but the last modified that matched the file I was looking for.

awk -F, '/Date/ {print $2}' "$new" (extracted the current) that I compared to the date -r "$new" "+%m/%d/%Y" (these had to match) then the $new was unique and the script worked. Thank you Smilie.

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