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Shell script to send mail alert

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Old 05-28-2019
Shell script to send mail alert

I have below shell script to send mail alert , however I want to add more functionality in this script and that is , script should only check that file between 9 am to 5pm , and if there is no activity in this time 9 am to 5 pm for 2hours then it should give me mail alert, please help
echo "Filename is $filename"
MTIME=$(find "$filename" -mmin +10)
if [ -z "$MTIME" ]
then	echo "$filename not modified in last 10 minutes.  Please check"
	mail -s "$filename not modified"
else	echo "$filename is modified"

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Old 05-28-2019
When working with time, it's better to use unix timestamps for doing the calculations.

So, if you work with unix timestamps, this will be a lot easier.
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Old 05-29-2019
When should that script run, and how do you plan to do that? Every two hours, from 11:00h in the morning (looking 2 hours back) until 17:00h? Is cron an option?

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