SSH Solaris 9 and SSH_CLIENT

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Old 09-26-2002
SSH Solaris 9 and SSH_CLIENT

Hi all...

When i send a command via ssh, from a hp10.20 to a sol9 server, i get the following:

# ssh mouton uname -a
mouton root's password:

Of course, after giving the passwd, it works. I'd like to be able to send commands without giving this password.
When i set the sshd in debug mode ( sshd -d -d -d ), on my client side i get:
SSH_CLIENT= "ports"

If i try the same thing on an other server, my SSH_CLIENT is correctly set.

Under Sol9, how do you set the SSH_CLIENT variable?
Is there a specific file?

I'm trying to set up coms between an hp 11.00 and a sol9, with native ssh on the sol9, and OpenSSH 3.0.2 on the HP...

Please help my neurones cool down a bit!!

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Old 09-27-2002
You need to generate public and private keys for a user on the HP machine, and create an "identification" file in the user's .ssh2 directory which references the user's private key thus:

idkey [private key file]

Once this is done you need to copy across the public key for that user to the .ssh2 directory of a user on the Solaris machine. Then reference this public key in the "authorization" file of the Solaris user thus:

key [public key file]

You should now be able to ssh to the solaris machine as the second user without being prompted for a password, this:

ssh [user]@hostname

If you wish to execute a command as that user:

ssh [user]@hostmame "[command]"

Reading the man pages on ssh, sshd and ssh-keygen should iron out any problems you continue to have. If not post back here.
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