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Old 09-23-2002

Hi Folks,

I would like to learn the basics of unix administration like configuring telnet, ftp, smtp,etc..

Could u suggest me a good site for learning it??? or the methodology that has to be followed for learning it???


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Old 09-23-2002

The details for configuring these services tend to be specific to the flavor of UNIX, and the service software itself. What flavor of UNIX are you working with?

The best methodology that I have found for learning different aspects of UNIX system administration is hands-on experience. This may initially sound like a lame answer, but it is what has worked for me. Just reading about something will only take you so far. You really start to learn when you put what you have read into practice. If available, test (non-production) systems are the best place to try things out before working on the production boxes.

Here's a few links that may help:

Good luck!

Systems/Network Administrator
LiveFire Labs - Hands-On Technical e-Learning
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Old 09-24-2002
Thanks a lot for these good sites biker..

Yes indeed i am trying to apply what i know theoretically and thats the reason why i had asked such a question..

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