Loopback Interface...Vanished???

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Old 09-21-2002
Loopback Interface...Vanished???

Recently I noticed that my internet connection would not work correctly-although connected domain names could not be resolved. My resolv.conf file was fine since it is configured every time I dial up. a closer inspection showed that my loopback interface had disappearerd! Any ideas why would this be? Although I could bring it back by restarting networking ..I never had to do this before as loopback was always configured on boot.

If I opt to now configure networking on boot then eth0 will also try to configure itself which I dont want outside of work! I can manually do 'ifconfig lo up' but I never had to do this before either...so where has my loopback gone Smilie ? I am running redhat 7.3

any pointers greatly appreciated
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Old 09-21-2002
i had a similar problem with my netbsd server, i had been using dynamic ip with dhclient which worked fine, i wanted to use static ip and i thought i did everything right but, routing would not be configured at boot up, and adding my gateway manually didnt work either, did you change any of your network settings prior to this problem occuring?
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