Printer Error(the Object Instance Test Does Not Exist)

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Old 09-04-2002
Printer Error(the Object Instance Test Does Not Exist)

Hello, i need some help about how to set up a high velocity impact printer in UNIX SCO 5.05,

this printer is attached with a parallel port in a PC(host), the host use tunemul to access unix.(this reference is just to ask you if this is a local or remote connection, just to be sure),

so, i was using mkdev lp
and following all the steps

when i finished all appears right

the command lpstat -t says :
printer test is idle. enabled since Wed Sep 04 12:44:36 2002. available.

at this point all looks good

but, when i send the print job nothing happens

lp -d test .profile // example
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Old 09-22-2002
Hi there,

I have gone through the streps, the only thing you have missed is that first you have to accept the printer for printing and then enable the printer for printing.

Syntax : #accept -d printer name
#enable -d printer name
This will activate ur printer.

When u give the command lpstat -t
it gives the output as
#printername on port ans the status as enable.

Here the -d symbol stands for Default printer. This should most probably be a serial printer. For a printer connected as parallel printer from a PC, you neednot
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Old 09-24-2002
Let me make sure I have this straight...

You have a printer attached to your PC. You connect to the Unix server via telnet/SSH or some other emulation. You want it to print to your printer?

If the above is correct, you cannot just makedev on the Unix server. You'd need to set your workstation up as a print server, then configure the Unix box to forward print requests...
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