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screen problem

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Old 09-03-2002
screen problem


Can anyone help with the following problem.

I have an ultra 5 box running SunOS 5.6, since a reboot last week the following error message has appeared on the servers screen resulting in no one being able to login to the box direct: -

INT: Command is respawning too rapidly. check for errors.
id: co "/usr/lib/saf/ttymon -g -h -p" uname -n' console -m idterm, ttcompat"

This is just test box and not a major problem as users can still login to the box via ssh using putty and f-secure.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Old 09-04-2002
Check your /etc/inittab - either someone added something or changed something messing up the entry giving the error OR someone or something has messed up the executable. Look at the inittab first....

The entry you show on a Solaris 2.6 - from one of the 2.6 servers at my site (it's the last entry in /etc/inittab - when you vi the file, check the line with : l - look for white space at the end of the line which could mess it up):

co:234:respawn:/usr/lib/saf/ttymon -g -h -p "`uname -n` console login: " -T sun -d /dev/console -l console -m ldterm,ttcompat
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Old 09-04-2002

Thanks for your reply, I will be working on this server Monday, I will check the /etc/inittab file as you suggested and let you know how I get on.

Once again thanks.



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