LAN Card Problem !

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Old 07-31-2002
LAN Card Problem !

The Lan card in one of our UIII WS's seem doesn't work,so with ping command i can not see any of the machines in LAN and with some other tests i'm sure it's not OK.

I tried to use the second card on PCI port ,but the replaced card was one of the ordinary card for PC's the way after putting the card on the system ,in OK prom mode by typing "show-devs" i didn't get any interface like hme* & besides the last card ,i got sth like "" , after booting up i tried to see wether it has been detected or no by :
"ndd -set /dev/hme1 " that was rejected by system.
so i think i should use the sun original PCI card for replacement that is detectable by Solaris Kernel.
Pls. tell me wether i'm right or any comment?

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Old 07-31-2002
This link for SUN IO Technologies may help you find the driver for the card or if it's supported.
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