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Old 07-26-2002
Tcp wrapper

I installed tcp wrappers version 7.6


modify my inetd.conf file from

ftp stream tcp6 nowait root /usr/sbin/in.ftpd in.ftpd


ftp stream tcp6 nowait root /usr/local/bin/tcpd /usr/sbin/in.ftpd -l

created /etc/hosts.allow file
modify it to only allow ftp from mydomain only

but this is denying ftp traffic from everywhere
including mydomain

every time I attempt to ftp it sends a warning message to syslog

warning: can't verify hostname: gethostbyname failed

I issued tcpdmatch in.ftpd it report permit

can you help?

Thanks in Advance
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Old 07-26-2002
What did you put in hosts.allow? What is your host IP? Are you using DNS? Are you ftping from one system to another or from the same system to itself?

Give an exact example if you don't want to post real IPs and subnets.

Example: if your subnet is 10.140.16.x and server IP is but you don't want to post it

put 1.14.1.x for subnet and as the IP

Post your hosts.allow (or the portion you changed)

in.ftpd: 10.
in.ftpd: 172.16.
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Old 07-26-2002
in my hosts.allow file

I have

in.ftpd: 191.95.x.x/255.255. 0.0

my host ip is 191.95.x.x

and I am ftping from a pc in my local area network, ip adrress
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Old 07-26-2002
Change your hosts.allow entry - I set up mine for my local subnet to look like yours (using my numbers) and it failed with service not available right after it worked before the change.

I believe it's the x.x you have in there:
in.ftpd: 191.95.x.x/255.255. 0.0

I changed it (a couple of times) and found this to work;

in.ftpd: 191.95. /255.255. 0.0

in.ftpd: 191.95./255.255. 0.0 will not work - needs that space - I still am looking to see if the / is valid (will post back)
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Old 07-26-2002
Thanks RTM, I tried your suggestions

in.ftpd: 191.95. /255.255. 0.0

but this still does not work.

still getting the same warning in syslog "warning can't verity hostname: gethostbyname failed.

nslookup can resolve the ip address.
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Old 07-26-2002
Do the following to verify DNS - if you don't get anything back on the PTR then DNS is messing you up:

% nslookup
Default Server:

> medusa


> set type=ptr
Address: name = nameserver = nameserver = internet address = internet address =
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Old 07-26-2002
my Dns is resolving ip address, I carried out your suggestion to test the dns and the Dns work fine.

when I disabled tcp wrappers in /etc/inetd.conf
I was able to ftp from anywhere and no warning message in syslog

but with tcp wrappers enable in /etc/inetd.conf
that is

ftp stream tcp6 nowait root /usr/local/bin/tcpd /usr/sbin/in.ftpd -l

then ftp from my LAN does not work hence error message in syslog
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