No user able to login except root(superuser)

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Old 06-24-2002
No user able to login except root(superuser)

Hi All,
Oracle 8.0 database is running on SCO-UNIXWARE 7.0 Operating system. Some how ORACLLE DATABASE has crashed. After rebooting the PC only the SUPER USER could login. No other user is able to login.
we need ORACLE user to start the DATABASE again.
It is asking for the password, after entering the password it asks for the login again..
what could be the reason for other users could not login except root.
it is live database so would be thank full if any one can come and help me the same.
konda reddy
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Old 06-24-2002
DB tied to a user's login??? Yes/No???


First of all, Let me as a question. Do your users automaticaly establish a connection/thread to the DB when they login? I have seen this type of problem before. This could be the reason that they are getting kicked out. I have definitely seen this!!

I would suggest shutting down the DB, then reboot with the DB down. Then bring the DB back up after the box is fully up and running. Now try a login as a user.

I would also check to see if you login script, /etc/profile, user's profile, and /etc/passwd files are not corrupted. Move in a new copy of your /etc/passwd if the first suggestion doesn't work at the top.

Here are some other suggestions that may be helpful.

This may be the problem.

May not be since they can login but it keeps repeating.

Here is another doc that shows how to lock out users. It may be helpful.
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Old 06-25-2002
Dear Kelam_Magnus,
Thank you for your information.
The problem has been solved by resetting the permissions on the users login shell files i.e., /usr/bin/ksh, /u95/bin/share/ksh and /var/adm/shserv .
it was a great experince for me. i did the follwoing.
1. after ORACLE DATABASE crash, I logged in as ORACLE user and type the SVRMGRL , connected to the oracel internal and shutdown the database (this is the way we startup and shutdown the database through SVRMGR).
2. Took the backup (cold backup) of existing database files using shell script. In the shell script i have change mode command (chmod) to set some permissions. (This created the problem).
3. I restarted the PC , then i could not login as any except root.
su - login_name also did not work. I checked the home directories, /etc/passwd files, /etc/profiles, users .profiles, users previlages everything seems alright.
4. Today when i try to login from the remote machine it displayed can not exec /var/adm/shserv permission denied.
5. Started giving the permissions and later on it displaed no shell.
6. Reset the permissions for korn shell (ksh) including link files also. Root is working because for roor login shell is /sbin/sh. for this permissions are absolutely fine.
7. Finally i could loging as ORACLE and restored the backup and restarted the DATABASE today i am relax..

thank you for ur info once again..
hope we will meet again if any ...
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