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Old 06-19-2002
Ftp Upload Folder


I'd like to upload a complete folder with subfolders with put. At the moment I always get the err-msg:

aboutme: not a plain file

Could anyone help me??

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Old 06-19-2002
It matters what you are using to do the ftp (and possibly where you are going to).

Normal ftp does not create directories on the fly (the plain file error) as far as I can tell - you can use mkdir to create the directories and then use mput to put the other files into the directory.

If you can, use a ftp client or web browser that will create directories without the hassle.
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Old 06-20-2002


I cannot use FTP on this computer here in school (port blocked). But I can use SSH. So what I do is I log to an SSH account and use the UNIX FTP on this machine.

So first I upload the files in a tar to the SSH account, then I want to FTP all of them to my homepage account.

Is there the possibility to use TAR over the FTP account too?? Probably with the SITE command??
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Old 06-21-2002
Is there the possibility to use TAR over the FTP account too?? Probably with the SITE command??
I don't know - you never posted your OS or type of FTP you are using. The FTP I use does not have a site command.

If you tar the files from the top directory, compress the tar file, and then ftp (or scp which may work from the system you ssh from) the file (set the type to binary in ftp) you can then uncompress the file and extract the tar which will create the directories and files.
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