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Old 06-06-2002
su - manager


I'm already login as clerk(not a superuser) on unix machine,
from clerk, Since clerk does not have permision to run a script, forcefully I want to login as manager and run the script and I don't want to give a manager's password to clerk.
Can I encrypt password ( or make an exe file from c program to connect as manager and run the script and come out of manager)

$su - manager
Now system asking me to enter password
Is there any possibility to hardcored password in a file?

Thanks in advance for your early reply,
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Old 06-07-2002
Well if I figure out the problem correctly , you want to grant execute permission to another user, such that when the user logs in he can only execute the file. If it is so then it is quiet sensible enough to just change the file prermissions according to the requirement.
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