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Old 06-05-2002
Question Solaris Mail Client & MS Exchange

Is it possible to configure the Solairs (2.6) mail client to get it's email from an MS Exchange server ? If so can soemone point me in the right direction.


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Old 06-05-2002
Shouldn't be a problem if you configure the Exchange mail server to support POP3/SMTP. I doubt that it is possible to configure the 2.6 mail client to use MAPI.
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Old 06-05-2002
Thanx for that. Can you point me in the right direction for finding out how to configure my Solaris mail client to talk to a pop3/smtp server.

Also any good websites for this sort of stuff.

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Old 06-05-2002
Google is your friend:

What mail client are you using? I am not real familiar with Solaris 2.6 but I can point you in the right direction for pine! Smilie
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Old 06-06-2002

I'm just trying to use mail or even mailtool. I followed the link and managed to use the mconnect to connect with the exchange server but I don't understand what I need to configure.

Can you shed some light on it please.

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Old 06-10-2002

I wouldn't use POP/SMTP for connecting in to exchange, it kind of removes the advantage of having a central server solution. Use IMAP, the easiest way to do this is with netscape (Most mail clients have IMAP capabilitys on them but I found netscape mail to be the easyest to configure).

You need to check with the Exchange admin that they have an IMAP connector installed (I think it is by default, but I am not 100%) and working.

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