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Old 04-23-2002

In UNIX everything is process,compare to Windows
there is another concept called Application

"actually what is the differnce between Application and process"
please explain?
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Old 04-23-2002
Not to be more general Application is the program that needed to be execute by the kernel when you wish them to run. Application in unix consume the Swap space and the memory to run same as MS like.

A process is not a program. several processes may be executing the same computer program at the same time, for the same user or for several different users. For example, there is normally one copy of the 'tcsh' shell on the system, but there may be many tcsh processes running - one for each interactive connection of a user to the system. It might be that many different processes will try to execute the same piece of code at the same time, perhaps trying to utilize the same resources in a Unix machine.

It is possible for a user to run a process in the system, suspend it, and move it to the background (using the 'bg' command). Thats why most the thing in Unix are totally diffrent. Diffrent from MS based. Post back if you need more explanation.
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