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File extension search and copy

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# 15  
I've just noticed that a pair of back-quotes are missing around the date-command in the first line. It should be:

eval "`date '+MM=%m'`"

# 16  
where do you think i should add this part of code. should i run this external to the below code. Please let me know?

##!/usr/bin/sh -x

INPUT_DIR=/home/sadeep; export INPUT_DIR
OUTPUT_DIR=/usr/local/filefind/output; export OUTPUT_DIR
ERROR_DIR=/usr/local/filefind/error; export ERROR_DIR
LOG_DIR=/usr/local/filefind/log; export LOG_DIR


find $INPUT_DIR -name "*.[ct][sx][vt]"

if [ "$?" -ne 0 ]


echo "No csv or txt files found in pwd" > $LOG_DIR/filetransfer.log

exit 1


find $INPUT_DIR -name "*.[ct][sx][vt]" > filelist

cat filelist >> $LOG_DIR/filetransfer.log


mkdir $OUTPUT_DIR/`date '+%m%d%y%`

for nccfile $INPUT_DIR/*


echo "---------------- Moving files to output folder ---------------" >> $LOG_DIR/filetransfer.log
echo " " >> $LOG_DIR/filetransfer.log
echo " " >> $LOG_DIR/filetransfer.log


mv $nccfile $OUTPUT_DIR/`date '+%m%d%y%`

if [ "$?" -ne 0 ]

echo $nccfile " - Move Failed......." >> $LOG_DIR/filetransfer.log
echo " " >> $LOG_DIR/filetransfer.log
echo " " >> $LOG_DIR/filetransfer.log
echo $nccfile " - Moved Successfully to $OUTPUT_DIR" >> $LOG_DIR/filetransfer.log
echo " " >> $LOG_DIR/filetransfer.log
echo " " >> $LOG_DIR/filetransfer.log



exit 0
# 19  

Hi Bsandeep,

Put this entry in cron:

50 23 1-7 * * test `date +\%a` != Wed || /usr/sandeep/
# 20  
Or rather just schedule it to run on Wednesdays by putting a 3 in the fifth column as:
50 23 * * 3 /usr/sandeep/

# 21  
Also, per System Shock's clever solution, you can replace my suggested code:
eval "date '+MM=%m'"
[ -f $HOME/TestAutomate.M$MM ] && exit
rm -f $HOME/TestAutomate.M??; touch $HOME/TestAutomate.M$MM

with his:
[ `date '+%e' -ge 7 ] && exit

for exiting on all other Wednesdays (except the first one) in each monthSmilie
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