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Old 04-16-2002
one question of perl5

I'm a chinese.I want to change the number $103,456 to chinese
>" ʰǪʰ½" user perl5!
> That always talk me it have errors"
>syntax error at uper line 25, near "If"
>syntax error at uper line 29, near "$chg("
>Execution of uper aborted due to compilation errors."
>it's seem that it error in syntax of 'if'
>but i don't know what's wrong!Can you help me?
>                $flag3=1;
>               };
>for ($i>=0){
>      $temp=$var;
>      $var = $var%(10**$i);
>      $temp=$var - $temp;
>      $inter = $temp/(10**$i);
>      if (($i=4) && ($inter=0) && $flag3 ){
>                             $str = $str . ""
>                                            };
>If ($inter != 0){
>   If(Not $flag1){
>         $flag1=1;
>      If($flag2){
>         $strl.=$st;
>         $flag2=0;
>            }
>         $strl = $strl . $chg($inter) . $lab(i);
>                   };
>ElseIf ($flag1)
>      {
>    If (Not $flag2) { $flag2 = 1};
>      }
>$strl = $strl . "Ԫ";
>sub chg{
>if ($numb=1){ return "Ҽ"};
>if ($numb=2){ return ""};
>if ($numb=3){ return ""};
>if ($numb=4){ return ""};
>if ($numb=5){ return ""};
>if ($numb=6){ return "½"};
>if ($numb=7){ return ""};
>if ($numb=8){ return ""};
>if ($numb=8){ return ""};
>if ($numb=9){ return ""};
>if ($numb=0){ return ""};

added code tags for readability --oombera

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Old 04-17-2002
perl is case sensitive. Change your "If" statements to "if" instead. (lowercase the first letter). Same for "else" and "elseif".
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