disk quotas in UNIX?

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Old 04-08-2002
Question disk quotas in UNIX?

RedHat 7.0
Caldera 2.4

From Windows 2000 server, you can allow ceratin users to use only so much disk space when they login.

I'm sure you can do that in Linux/UNIX, but I just don't know how or what you call them here (disk quotas maybe?). Anyway, any kind help is always greatly appreciated.

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Old 04-08-2002
In Unix they are called edquota. edquota -u to edit user quotas and edquota -g to edit group quotas.

To check the Quota size for a User or a Group, the syntax for this is :
quota [-guqv]
quota [-qv] -u username ...
quota [-qv] -g groupname ...

You can use du (disk usage) to find out the users Usage space over a disk space. For more information try man edquota or man quota. Do post back.
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