problem in making autossh between windows and solaris

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Old 04-10-2008
Take a look at "expect" to do the uid/pw login for you: Your main script will call the expect script, which will do the actual sftp based upon the parameters you pass to it.

Expect script:-

#!/usr/local/bin/expect --
# Name: to-remote-sftp-cmd
# Purpose: to copy files from local directory location to a remote server
# file directory location
set login [lindex $argv 0]
set machine [lindex $argv 1]
set password [lindex $argv 2]
set remoteloc [lindex $argv 3]
set target [lindex $argv 4]
set timeout -1

# Perform copy
spawn /usr/bin/sftp -oPort=22 $login@$machine
expect "password:"
send "$password\r"
expect "sftp>"
send "cd $remoteloc\n"
expect "sftp>"
send "mkdir $target\n"
expect "sftp>"
send "cd $target\n"
expect "sftp>"
send "mput *.CSV\n"
expect "sftp>"
send "quit\n"

.. and here's the calling part:-

blah, blah.. then declare the paras:
target=`date +%Y%m%d` # name you want to give the new folder

echo $login >>$V_LOG 2>&1 # from your .netrc file
echo $password >>$V_LOG 2>&1 # from your .netrc file
echo $machine >>$V_LOG 2>&1 # from your .netrc file
echo $remoteloc >>$V_LOG 2>&1
echo $target >>$V_LOG 2>&1

cd /files_to_transfer_folder

# SFTP the CSV files to win_sftp_server:

/your_script_location/scripts/clist-to-remote-sftp-cmd $login $machine $password $remoteloc $target >>$V_LOG 2>&1


That's it. You have to log in once manually to exchange keys, but it's automatic (cron or whatever) after that. Expect and TCL are the two s/w's you need and they're include on the SUN (Sol 10) Software Companion dvd.


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