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Old 03-19-2002
Question User Access Problem: Via Telnet or even Console

Just took over a UNIX Server from someone who left our company.

Having problems with access by some existing users as well as new users.

I get the following message from telnet sessions, when attempting access at the "Login:" prompt:

"UX:in.login:ERRO: Login incorrect"
"telnetd:Unable to invoke login scheme"

Also, when I log on to the server console with the problem users or any new users I create, I get:

"UX:login:ERROR: Login incorrect".

This is confusing since I can log in those users, that didn't work through standard "Login:", using the "su -" command from a user that does work.

Also new users that I create, either through "sysadm" or "useradd" will exhibit the same problem.

The Server is using:
UNIX System V/386 Release 4.2 Version 1.1.2.
UNIX Systems Laboratories, Inc.

I believe this is Novell's UnixWare.

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Old 03-20-2002
Login Issus!!!

You may want to ask the previous Admin if he/she done anything to corrupt the File System(libraries) or Kernel.

A sign of this is if the system takes a long time or hangs to bring you to the console login screen after booting init or hangs after you try login in w/ your user/pass.

Is the Disk space %100 capacitated!!!

You should take a look at the syslog messages, history commands, and importantly boot log.

Try booting into runlevel 1 single user maintainance mode!!!

Check for Memory leaks also - "free" , "vmstat 1" , "top".

You may want to back up "tar -zcvf" your config files on a seperate partition and reinstall the OS on the root partition.
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Old 03-21-2002
Computer Problem Solved

With the use of truss we were able to isolate the problem to a corrupt /var/adm/lastlog file.

Removal of the file and its re-creation solved the problem.

THANKS for your suggestion and all who helped !!

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