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Old 03-18-2002
Data Dump program variables


Wish if could provide some clues.
How do I dump all the C program variables(global) into say a file with their names and the values. So that when I restart the application again I could use this same file for reinitializing.Is this possible?

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Old 03-19-2002
To do this the way you state it is only possible if you use the symbol table, and you do not want to use a debugging tool as part of your program :-)

You should put all your globals into a struct, and then read and write that struct.

lets say you have a name, and some int, and a float:
int GL_i;
char GL_name[256];
float GL_f;

Change this to:
struct {
	int i;
	char name[256];
	float f;

} GL;

As a rule, if you have lots of globals spread out like in the first example, your program is badly structured.
A global is a potential bug.
For every global, contemplate making it static.
For the structure above, contemplate storing it in a dynamically allocated buffer - you will win big: You can have multiple instances, and your program (or library) will become safer, for a library this may provide reentrancy (each instance has its own data - or you will have to lock it!)


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