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Old 01-29-2008
Using a pipe with find .... -exec ...


I am trying to run the following command:
find ./ -name lea_01.001 -print -exec CEOS {} | grep -i radio \;

where "CEOS" converts the lea_01.001 files to text, then grep looks for the string "radio." This however does not work as I have constructed it.

This command mostly works, but the grep filters out the full path of the current file being used (from -print). But I need that output too.
find ./ -name lea_01.001 -print -exec CEOS {} \; | grep -i radio

Any clues how to print the full path information and the grep only on the output of CEOS (rather than the output of find?)
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Old 01-29-2008
Figured it out

Figured out my own solution:

find ./ -name lea_01.001 -print -exec sh -c 'CEOS $1 | grep -i radio' {} {} \;
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