What one line unix talk combo generates the following....

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Old 01-20-2008
What one line unix talk combo generates the following....

What one line unix talk combo would generate 95% cpu load? Im talking like something below

load averages: 4.47, 4.57, 4.58 00:25:25
263 processes: 4 running, 257 idle, 1 stopped, 1 on processor
CPU states: 26.2% user, 0.1% nice, 12.6% system, 1.0% interrupt, 60.1% idle
Memory: Real: 114M/300M act/tot Free: 198M Swap: 242M/2048M used/tot

14128 dibeloni 64 0 484K 524K run - 431:45 32.42% talk
30152 rrecchia 64 0 688K 1236K run - 555:59 31.15% top
1335 mafioso 64 0 484K 508K run - 428:40 30.18% talk
5664 _postfix 2 0 984K 1364K sleep select 74:25 0.00% qmgr
19631 root 2 0 440K 724K sleep select 64:14 0.00% master

-bash-3.2$ ps waux | grep talk
dibelonious 14128 32.0 0.1 484 524 pT R 12:23AM 424:59.91 talk mafioso
mafioso 1335 31.1 0.1 484 508 pV R 12:25AM 422:11.39 talk dibelonious@localhost.cyberspace.org
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Old 01-21-2008
That's strange, I've never seen such excessive CPU usage of talk. If I were you, I'd mail || advise both users to stop using the talk utility for a while, have them enter "mesg n" to disallow write access and see if it drops down. Probably yes. Then ask then what exactly they have done during this "chat session", for example, pasting large buffer of code / lines may slow down the daemon.
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