How can I map Unix keyboard for PC keyboard

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Old 03-06-2002
Hammer & Screwdriver How can I map Unix keyboard for PC keyboard

A Solaris AXI 440 machine with Solaris 8 version.
I have PC users who use an emulation to login to the Solaris

How can I change the keyboard mapping of the Sun keyboard
to fit to the PC keyboard ?
Any comment will be appreciated.
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Old 03-06-2002
The answer really lies in what emulation software your users are using to login.

I use Exceed to connect to HP-UX, the keyboard can be configured and changed by selecting the 'Xconfig' option that is installed with the software on NT/Windows based systems. From here you can select 'Input' and manipulate the keyboard settings. It might be worth noting that some people specify a password on installation so that only they can perform changes to the configuration.

I have also used ReflectionX emulation software sometime ago, as far as I can remember there was a similar configuration option but it escapes my memory at the moment ;-)
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