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Old 02-28-2002

I am running this script below as a cron job for user root. In fact I set this job early last week and expected it to delete archive logs older than 7 days, but doesn't work - just displays the echo messages and no error. Can somebody advise me the probable causes ??

DELETE_FROM_DIR=/u05/oracle/oradata/TOLL2/archlog; export DELETE_FROM_DIR
echo '~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'
echo 'About to delete archive logs...'
echo '~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'
find $DELETE_FROM_DIR -name "*.*" -mtime +$DAY_AFTER -exec rm {} \;
echo '~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'
echo 'Process Complete.'
echo '~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'
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Old 02-28-2002
You can do this :

- put the absolute path of the find command : /usr/bin/find
- put the "#!/bin/sh -v" in the first line of your script to verbose a command execution.
- direct the output of your script to a file in the crontab : your_script > /tmp/script.log 2>&1

Check the result ...


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