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Old 02-25-2002
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hello ppl,

i'm gona post two questions here (!= subjects).

1 - I'm trying to leave GNOME+Sawfish+Nautilus (consumes too mucj memory) to use fluxbox. I'm having a little problem though: when i exit fluxbox, it doesn't save changes (like the theme). what's wrong?

2 - Is there some site where i can learn how to use iptables to share the internet connection?

i'm talking about linux 2.4.17 (slackware 8.0 distro).

thx in advance

|...\^May The Source Be With You^/...| Smilie
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Old 02-26-2002
1- To use your own configuration:
Create a directorory, in your homedir, called .fluxbox
and copy: init, titlebar and menu from fluxbox datapath.
Dont forget to change session.menuFile and session.titlebarFile
in the file init.
Extracted from http://fluxbox.sourceforge.net/docs/readme.php

2- Read this http://www.linux.com/howto/Firewall-HOWTO.html
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Old 02-26-2002
Bug forgot this

i had already done that (forgot ot post it) and nothing. but still doesn't work! when i edit ~/.fluxbox/init and change the menu to ~/.fluxbox/menu it restores the defaults. i've read all faqs and docs on fluxbox homepage. what now? any ideas?
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