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Old 12-06-2007

From my workstation (win XP)I open a telnet session on Linux(Red Hat) server.
When I issue :
[root@server ~]# xclock
I have :
Error: Can't open display:

Then :
[root@server ~]# export DISPLAY=
[root@server ~]# xclock
Error: Can't open display:
Do you have an idea ?

Many thanks.
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Old 12-06-2007
Well a xserver or something alike (exceed, reflection etc) must be running and accepting connection on
Enjoy linux.
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Old 12-06-2007
Thank you. It is runing and on the server when I type xclock the clock appears on monitor. How to make server accept connection on ?
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Old 12-06-2007
Do you know how to stop restart my GNOME Display Manager (GDM) ?

Thank you.
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Old 12-06-2007
If connecting by telnet you need to set DISPLAY on remote machine and allow it to connect to your local machine by issuing
xhost _addr_
on local machine.
Of course local XServer should listen on port 6000 (i.e. not be started with '-nolisten') and both firewalls [if any] should be suitable configured.

Try also modern way with "ssh -X" -- on Win machines "plink" is equivalent.

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Old 12-06-2007


1. Cygwin's XWin on your client
2. run putty or plink to provide a tunnel for X
3. run "Xnest :1 -query localhost" on remote machine in ssh session
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Old 12-07-2007
Originally Posted by odys
allow it to connect to your local machine by issuing
xhost _addr_
on local machine.
local machine ? Is it my PC, my workstation ? Then where to issue
xhost ? In a cmd box ?
Thank you.
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