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Old 11-01-2007
Error command execution ??

hi i have small shell script as follows
cd /utilities/promoter/tmp
   grep SENDREPLY $1 | grep '' | awk -F"[" '{print $4}' | cut -d] -f1 > /tmp/$LOGNAME/$1.request
   cd /tmp/$LOGNAME
   grep -e "\.sql" -e "\.md" $1.request > upd_$1.txt
   grep -v -e "\.sql" -e "\.md" $1.request > copy_$1.txt

now when i execute this code in debug mode i get following output
(mhatrnin)hpux1570:/idcuser/mhatrnin>sh -x ./GenerateReq 13227
+ cd /utilities/promoter/tmp
+ grep SENDREPLY 13227
+ grep
+ cut -d] -f1
+ awk -F[ {print $4}
+ 1> /tmp/mhatrnin/13227.request

one thing i mnot getting is that why cut is 1st executed when its after awk in actual command ?
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Old 11-06-2007
There is no issue with the script, in debug mode it will display like that but AWK will execute first.
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