Problem: Automounting Home directory for nis & nfs configuration doesn't work

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Old 10-18-2007
Problem: Automounting Home directory for nis & nfs configuration doesn't work

Hi all,
First of all, i am so sorry about my bad level in English writing.
I have some problem in linux and i hope the experts of this forum to help me if they have enough time to reply to me.

I have a scenario of configuring NIS and NFS in Redhat Linux environment such that user can login from any machine in the network and after he login, the home directory is supoosed to be mounted from the server using the automounting .
I configured the NFS server and NIS server and i checked everything and it is supposed everything is OK (all the related daemons are running). But the problem started when i start configuring the client. I started by configuring the NFS client because my goal is to mount the home directory of the user from the server once he login to the client machine. After i configured the NFS, i configured the NIS client. as i could see, NIS works well, because i can get the passwd file from the NIS server by running the command 'ypcat passwd' in the NIS client. But the problem started when i tried to log in in the client machine. The error which appeared showed that i can't login because the home directory is not found. If i login as root, no error appear and i can login. But when i try to login using the other accounts which created in the NIS server, i can't login because that error appears.

I followed the next procedure to configure the two machines:server and client:
1- in the server:
- i add "/home *(rw,sync)" to the file /etc/exports
- i run the command exportfs -a
- i run and chkconfug: nfslock, nfs and portmap

2- in the client:
- i run and chkconfig: nfslock, netfs, and portmap
- i duplicate the home directory, rename the new copy to home.old and delete all the contents of the original home
- i mounted the home of the server to the home directory in the client using the mount command and it worked. then i unmount it using umount.
- i added "/home /etc/auto.home --timeout 600" to etc/auto.master file
- i created the file etc/auto.home and i add this line to it "* -fstype=nfs,soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,nosuid,tcp /
<server ip address>:/home:&"
- i run and chkconfig autofs

3- in the server:
- i edit /etc/sysconfig/network by adding the line "NISDOMAIN="NIS-SCHOOL-NETWORK""
- i edit /etc/yp.conf by adding the line "ypserver"
- i run and chkconfig: portmat, yppasswdd, ypserv
- i run /usr/lib/yp/ypinit -m
- i run and chkconfig ypbind and ypxfrd
- i added a new user in the server and set his password

4- in the client
- i run authconfig and specify the name of domain and the server ip address
- i run and chkconfig portmap, ypbind
- i verifed the name resolution of both client and server
- i tested nis access to nis server by runing ypcat in the client to get passwd file
- i can ssh from the server to the client by using one of the account created in the nis server.

after this step: when i tried to login from the client using one of the nis server accounts, the next error appears: home directory not found and i can't login. when i login using the root account i can login.

So, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas help me in this problem
Thanks in advance
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