du -k shows different size in two nodes

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Originally Posted by KhawHL
Yes, I noticed.. can u pls explain? Thanks.
It says block size, not sector size.

What are the two systems? What are the disk formats/file systems, and how big are the disks?
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Sun Solaris.

Source: - veritas file system
60G 16G 43G 28% /linxnet/server2

/dev/md/dsk/d54 59G 13G 46G 23% /linxnet/server2

Thanks for your advise.
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Is this problem due to different file system?
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Originally Posted by KhawHL
Is this problem due to different file system?
Is it actually a problem, or just a fact?
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Besides checking each file size, how can I confirm ftp of all files is correct since this is the fact? Need your advise. Thank you.
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Originally Posted by KhawHL
Besides checking each file size, how can I confirm ftp of all files is correct since this is the fact?
The best way is to get an MD5 checksum generated at the server end, then you can compare it at the client end with the MD5 of whatever you downloaded (and after confirming the lengths are correct).

man md5

You'll see this technique used on the internet where, for example, CDs will have both an iso and a md5 checksum file.
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You can use cksum as well. It might be more commonly available than md5sum.
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