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Old 01-18-2002
Data Starting a script from a Database procedure

Hey guys,

I have this problem : I can run on an sqlprompt

!ftp_file2.ksh test.xml Anonymous Anonymous

which will ftp the file from Unix to an NT machine, but if I do

exec shell('sh ftp_file2.ksh test.xml Anonymous Anonymous') it does NOTHING.

I have no .netrc file in my home directory and don't know how to build it, but I even don't know if this file is necessary for me ?

Can u please help ??????Smilie
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Old 01-18-2002
I've used this package and daemon process to execute system commands from the database, it worked for what I wanted. it may be worth lookin at. I needed to execute a shell script after some sql was triggered

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Old 01-18-2002
Thx edog !

But the problem is that it took already one month to let dba's and unix people set up the method with the shell procedure and next week we'll go in production already so I can't use your option (But I will definitely use it in a next project) !


by the way, here 's the code from the script I start

# --------------
# Parm's control
# --------------
# ---------------
# Execute the FTP
# ---------------
if [[ "$CHANGE_DIR" = "No" ]] ; then
ftp -n ${DESTINATION} >templog1$$ >>templog2$$ << EOF
user ${USERID} ${PASSWD} account
# ---
# ---
ftp -n ${DESTINATION} >templog1$$ >>templog2$$ << EOF
user ${USERID} ${PASSWD} account
# --> Save return code
# --> Remove logs file (to comment for debug)
rm templog1$$ templog2$$
# --> check FTP run
if [ $RCOD -ne 0 ] ; then
echo "ERROR: Load of file $INPUTFILE crash with error $RCOD"
exit 2
# ---------------------
# Now it's time to exit
# ---------------------
exit $RCOD
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Old 01-18-2002
exec shell('sh ftp_file2.ksh test.xml Anonymous Anonymous') it does NOTHING.

what does your sql procedure, 'shell' look like? I assume its a custom procedure, maybe if you enter the full path of the ksh script, but I'd need to see the procedure venture any other guesses.

when you execute it from sqlplus your .profile probably has the path to ftp_file2.ksh or you were in that directory when you started sqklplus, but from a sql procedure there is no profile to find the script? just a thought
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Old 01-21-2002
(sorry for the delay - just passed the weekend) :-)

The shell procedure :

procedure shell (cmd IN CHAR)
as external
name "sh"
library shell_lib
language C
parameters (cmd string);

This is just the standard one provided by Oracle.

That from the .profile is right i gess because
!ftp_file.ksh is executed on the unix prompt
exec shell('...'); goes through the Listener.

I did send the system people the procedure to setup the listener - maybe they just have forgotten. Anyway, i did send them a mail about that.
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