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Route for Solaris 8

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Old 01-04-2002
Bug Route for Solaris 8

Hello Dear Friends, I'm here again

I need to know where is the permanent file for gateway configuration.
I did the following command
route add -net ( My Gateway), but when i restart my computer i have to do it again.
What the file can i set the permanent configuration for my gateway?
Where is the file (path)?
What the name?
I Use Solaris 8 X86 PC

Thanks Friends.....

Happy New Year
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Old 01-04-2002
If this is your default route then add the IP address of your default route to /etc/defaultrouter.
Or you can create a script to set it up (if you are going to be adding new routes all the time). Set it up in either /etc/rc2.d or /etc/rc3.d (Insure your Sxxnewroutes script runs after the networking scripts)

# Changes to interfaces and additional static routes
/usr/sbin/route add -net 2
/usr/sbin/route add -net 172.16.186 1
/usr/sbin/route add -net 172.16.1 1
/usr/sbin/route add -net 10.140 1

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