retrieving a deleted file

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Old 01-04-2002
retrieving a deleted file

is there any way to retrieve a file that I have deleted few minutes back?? I am using Solaris- 5.6..
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Old 01-04-2002
There is no way of retreiving a deleted file.

When you delete a file the inode becomes free. Usually this inode will be used for the first new file which is created. So retrieving is not an option

As far as I know there is no undelete of retrieve in UNIX.

The only thing you can do is restore it from tape (if you have saved your file(s) on tape.
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Old 01-04-2002
Tools partly success

well certainly there appears to be no way to retrieve exactly the same deleted file. So, all I could do is look for the file in


that is where VI stores the open files when the session is suddenly terminated. And luckily I found a recent version of my deleted file there... Smilie
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