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Old 01-04-2002
HI.. Neo..

okay........ thanks for your advice man.. i really appreciated dude..
When i am anaylazing my dir this is what it looks like..10 /var/sadm/pkg/SUNWgnodb
5452 /var/sadm/pkg
2 /var/sadm/system/data/.virtualpkgs2
38 /var/sadm/system/data
4 /var/sadm/system/admin/services
72 /var/sadm/system/admin
172 /var/sadm/system/logs
284 /var/sadm/system
4 /var/sadm/install_data
4 /var/sadm/softinfo
2 /var/sadm/wbem/logr/notFirstTime
17864 /var/sadm/wbem/logr
6 /var/sadm/wbem/log
17872 /var/sadm/wbem
1778 /var/sadm/smc/properties
732 /var/sadm/smc/codebase/services
9244 /var/sadm/smc/codebase/tools
18 /var/sadm/smc/codebase/xcproviders
13320 /var/sadm/smc/codebase
460 /var/sadm/smc/lib
12 /var/sadm/smc/toolboxes/smc
34 /var/sadm/smc/toolboxes/this_computer
26 /var/sadm/smc/toolboxes/images
76 /var/sadm/smc/toolboxes
15636 /var/sadm/smc
1458 /var/sadm/prod/com.sun.DiskSuite/160547044
1460 /var/sadm/prod/com.sun.DiskSuite
3238 /var/sadm/prod
48 /var/sadm/patch

most of the stuff is packages.. So do you think i should move it to another directory.. plus what do you mean about links.. are this directory link to another directory.. meaning if i move it and not link them to the specific directory.. is it going to cause a problem.. well thanks for your hlep dude.. im learning everyday cuzz of this board thanks alot dude..
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Old 01-05-2002
Depending on your system, something like:

#/bin/cp -rp  /var    /home/export

#/bin/rm /var

#/bin/ln -sf /home/export/var    /var

You should 'get the idea' from the example above. You can check the man pages on your system to insure that is what you want to do before actually executing any commands "Smilie
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Old 01-06-2002

THanks dude your the guru.. man..
ONE day i will become a guru just like you dude.. alright man..
THANks for everything!!!!!!!!
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