403 Error in Apache?

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Old 12-17-2001
403 Error in Apache?

I have installed Apache lots of times before. I have recently installed apache on FreeBSD. And it gives me all the time 403 Frobidden - you don't have permittion to access / directory. I have checked permitions. I've got -rwxrwxr-x for for all Apache DocumentRoot. I've checked Files directive in httpd.conf, as well as "allow and deny" for Directory directive. Everything seems to be correct. But I still get this error message. Could some one suggest me anything about that.

Thank you all
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Old 12-18-2001
Have you checked the error_log for more details?
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Old 12-18-2001
I found out what was the problem, thank you for help.
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Old 07-28-2002
What wsa the problem

I am having a similar (same) problem with Apache on Redhat 7.0 on my virtual host.

The main site works /var/www/html.
the virtual site works when i move the root directory of the virtual site to /var/www/html2.
but when i move the virtual site to /home/username/www/html i get that 403 Frobidden - you don't have permittion to access / directory error message.
I too have tried messing with permissions on the folder.

I would love to know what the problem was, more specifically what you did to solve it. I am relatively new to unix/linux so go easy on me Smilie
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Old 07-29-2002
More information needed

Could you lookup your error_log file and tell me what it's got in there. If you use 7.1, this file is supposed to be at /var/log/httpd/error_log

Thank you.
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Old 07-29-2002

About an hour after posting the message I figured out the problem.

I had to change the permissions on the /home and on the /home/user directories.

It seems funny that you need to do this. I would have thought on the path /home/user/www/html the "www" and the "html" directories with a permission of 755 would have sufficed. Odd that you have to change the directory permissions that contain these directories.

(My virtual sites directory is off of /home/user/www/html)

Its working now??!!

Thanks again for your time solvman.

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Old 07-30-2002
It should be like that. Coz Apache operates as a defined user (apache, www ... or whatever is configured in your user and group deractives in your htttpd.conf). And it makes sence. To change to directory you have to have execute (x) permition set. So, whenever Apache was trying to go to your /home/blablabla/www it couldnt go because it could NOT change to /home first.

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