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Old 12-17-2001
Data link and unlink , urgently...

Hi all

I did something incorrectly about link command.
I try to make a link from a sub-dir to root dir, but I use the following command:
link / zzz

the result is sub-dir "zzz" was linked to "/"

Then I want to remove the "zzz" by using unlink command:
unlink zzz
It say that "Device busy"
I cannot rm nor rmdir. I can only rename it but cannot move it to any directory.

I try to boot to single user mode and try to unlink it again but it still device busy.

What happen to "zzz"
How can I delete the "zzz" without lost any content in my root dir?
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Old 12-17-2001
I doubt that there is any reasonable way to do this. The inode is a mount point, so the unlink system call can't touch it. I would just rename to "..." and leave it alone. It isn't causing much trouble. It's like a bullet too close to a's too risky to attempt removal.

One thing that might work would be to try nfs. Export or share the root volume. And then use nfs to "remotely" mount a second copy of it. Then try the unlink via nfs. This really should fail, but with nfs, you never know.

And the final option would be editing the raw device. You may have a program called fsdb for this purpose.
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