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Old 12-03-2001
at queues


I submit some processes throught an at queue with the cmd at -q queue.

I can easily check the waiting process with atq. But how can I check running processes within a specific queue ?


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Old 12-05-2001
By default, the at command will queue jobs in the at-jobs queue, queue a. Queue b is for batch jobs. Queue c is reserved for cron jobs and can't be used with at. Unless you have set up a special batch queue and use the -q b option to the at command, all at jobs go into the at-jobs queue until they are executed. When the job is executed it is no longer in a queue. It is now an executing job and can be seen using ps -ef (or -al depending on the UNIX flavor you are running).

If you have set up a batch queue for command processing, most flavors of UNIX implement this under the print queueing system so you use the lpstat, lpq, etc. commands depending on your UNIX flavor.
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Old 12-06-2001
OK. I know that I can see running processes with ps-fe. But I cannot see in wich queue they are running.

In fact, I'am amazed that sometimes it takes a long time (more than hours!!!) to execute "waiting process" within a specific queue. Because that specific queue a predefined concurrent jobs (see queuedef) I would know if the delay is caused by this concurrent jobs limit. To verify this, I need to know which jobs/processes are running within which queue.

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