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Old 11-27-2001
Monitor Resoltuion

I have posted this query few days back .. somehow its not showing now..
Well here is the problem I am facing. I have two monitors attached to my sun Unix machine. I have external graphic card attached to ti. But somehow the resolution on the main CRT ie which is connected to motherboard is not beahving properly.
I have been trying to change the resolution from one valur to other which is allowable by both the card and the Monitor. It changes in the video mode but actually resolution doesn't get changed. Moreover the resoltuion which it is set to currently is not allowed by graphic card. Can some one please hlep me with this problem and tell what I am doing wrong ..
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Old 11-27-2001
What kind of Sun box are you using? Exact Model number? Also, if you're trying to use a PC monitor, not all PC monitors work when connected to Suns. (Most do nowadays, but not all)
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Old 11-27-2001
the sun machine I am using is Ultra 5...
Moreover Monitors thats attached to it is Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 2000 . Exact serial number ??
of the sun m/c : FW02210525

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Old 11-27-2001
Can you get the Sun text screens to appear on those monitors? (boot up firmware screens, etc...) Is the problem you're having when the CDE login shows up?

You might want to look into the m64config command. It might help you a little there.
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Old 11-28-2001
I will highlight the problem. I don't have problem with any text in Normal condiiton but when I zoom in some window the text becomes blurred. Its hard to read when I zoom in on any window with autocad control sheet ( the kind we use in DCS). or with Graphics I am having the same problem.
Otherwise everything is not normal. Moreover I tried m64config commands and found out that the resolution is set which is not even supported by neither montior or nor by graphics card.
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Old 11-28-2001
I'm not sure what you mean by "zooming" in. What resolution do you think you're set to?
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Old 11-28-2001
Zooming in means there is a graphic and I am trying to zoom the certain parts of graphics and it doesn't display them text on the graphmic properly. THE current resolution is set to 1280x1024x85
although as per m64config -res ? command it tells u that this particular resolution is not allwed by graphic card and monitor.
BUT it doesn't let me change the resolution. I tried changing the resolution by command m64config -res axbxc although it changes in the video mode but actually when i try to check on the CRT it doesn't change it and acts the sae way.
I will appreciate a solution for thisproble and thx in advance
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