How to check size of Volume Group

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Old 11-27-2001
How to check size of Volume Group

Did anyone knows how to check size/usage of a Volume Group in AIX 4.3.3?
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Old 11-27-2001
Use lsvg. It will give you # of physical partitions and physical partition size. You can then multiply to get the total size. I'm not sure what you mean by usage of a volume group. The lsvg command will also show you the state of the volume group if that's what you're looking for. If not, please post what you mean by "usage" of the volume group.
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Old 11-27-2001
Some fairly common unix commands are "df" and "du" for file systems.

I don't know about volume groups, you might try looking in /usr/sbin or /sbin for executables that you can do a "man" on.

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Old 11-27-2001
Thanks a lot.
Here is what I got on my system for rootvg:

hd5 boot 1 2 2 closed/syncd N/A
hd6 paging 64 128 2 open/syncd N/A
hd8 jfslog 1 2 2 open/syncd N/A
hd4 jfs 4 8 2 open/syncd /
hd2 jfs 331 662 2 open/syncd /usr
hd9var jfs 8 16 2 open/syncd /var
hd3 jfs 8 16 2 open/syncd /tmp
hd1 jfs 8 16 2 open/syncd /home
paging00 paging 64 128 2 open/syncd N/A
hd7 raw 16 16 1 open/syncd N/A
lv00 jfs 2 4 2 open/syncd /xrsa
lv01 jfs 25 50 2 open/syncd /nsr

How can I count Physical Partitions.
usage means much volume is in use my system.
Thanks a lot for both replys.
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Old 11-27-2001
MySQL Re: How to check size of Volume Group

Originally posted by s_aamir
Did anyone knows how to check size/usage of a Volume Group in AIX 4.3.3?
Thanks everyone, I got what I want.
Wizard I used lsvg and it gave the a table, then according to Physical Partitions (PP) I figured out the total size.
Thanks for your help.
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