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Old 12-05-2001
i can't re-init totally the nisserver1.
now i try to bypass the problem...before resolv it, it is very importante for my server'client
i want my server take a other nis server....
but, do you know a command to know if the nis slave is forced or if client's server bind my nisserver1 by broadcast ???

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Old 12-05-2001
When I said re-init nisserver1, I just meant re-init the NIS environment on it. If you clear out the old maps in /var/yp/binding/DOMAIN_NAME (DOMAIN_NAME = Your NIS domain) directory on nisserver1 and run ypinit -s MASTER_SERVER_NAME where MASTER_SERVER_NAME is the name of the NIS master configured in the NIS maps. This will set the machine up as a new NIS slave server with a fresh copy of the maps from the NIS master. You have to remove the old binding dir before ypinit -s will run for a re-init.

If you don't want to re-init NIS on nisserver1, then depending on which version of UNIX you are running, it is possible to specify which NIS server to bind to. For instance, on Solaris you run ypinit -c and specify a search order the NIS servers for each client. This creates a ypservers file /var/yp/binding/DOMAIN_NAME where DOMAIN_NAME is the NIS domain name. You can edit this file to add/delete/modify NIS servers. If you remove the file completely, the ypbind daemon starts as a broadcast daemon by default.

This behaviour for NIS on most flavors of UNIX I've worked on. If for some reason the flavor of UNIX you are using doesn't support ypinit -c (SCO for instance), you must start ypbind with the -ypsetme flag and use ypset to manually assign an NIS server.

If you tell me what UNIX OS you're running, I can give you specific instructions if you need them.
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Old 12-06-2001
i have already understood that the re-init is just for NIS Smilie

my NISserver is in linux debian 2.2.10
my master is in SunOS 5.5 and my client in HPux 11.00

i ever try to re-init the map group.bygid with the ypxfr command, it doesn't work anymore...

but, now i need to find a quickfix for this problem and i try my client bound a other nisserver which is in the same subnet and in the same VLAN...but my client do want to bind the other niserver, that's why i ask this question.
i finally find the solution; in HPux, the /etc/rc.config.d/namesvrs file contains informations on the different variables.

when i try a ypinit -s MASTER_NIS_SERVER
the nis slave responds :
"can't enumerate maps from MASTER_SERVER. Please check that it is running"

i used to know the NIS world, but now i discover the dark side of the NIS... Smilie Smilie

thx for your patience
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Old 12-10-2001
thx wizard, i build an other nisserver on the good VLAN, and my client server bound it...

now, i think i perhaps re-init the nisserver1 like you advise me

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