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Old 11-11-2001
Tools NFS Problem !

I've mounted one of the file systems on another machine manually on /mnt located on my machine , after finishing my work i want to umount this /mnt , but all the time it says
" nfs umount : /mnt : is busy " ,although it's not.
so i tried to stop & start Nfs services manually (Incld : nfs.server
& nfs.client ) but when i want to stop nfs.client it gives above message again....

So, regardless of rebooting the systems what's the practical solution for this .

Anyway as i have had some problems with nfs already , i would be greatful if just list the name of essential daemon on one nfs server & nfs client machine.

Any idea appreciated .
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Old 11-11-2001
Make sure you don't have a shell session with PWD set to /mnt. Also, make sure there are no commands left running in the background that may be accessing the /mnt mount point.
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Old 11-12-2001
Command "fuser /mnt" shows you all processes which use /mnt filesystem just now.
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Old 11-12-2001
In all shells i'm not in /mnt ,anyway this morning when i came back it could umount it without any change ....

but i have one question about related daemons like "statd , lockd ,nfsd ....." that in which machines (nfs server or client ) they should be active & list the commands that could help us in monitoring nfs ....

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Old 11-21-2001

I usually use fuser -ck /filesystem_name in order to umount any stubborn filesystem, if you want monitoring nfs you can use:
"dfmounts" or
"dfshares" in order to view mounted filesystems tru nfs.
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