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Run awk command inside ssh

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Run awk command inside ssh

I am trying to run an awk command inside of ssh and it is not working. These are AIX servers.

for i in `cat servers`; do ssh $i "/bin/hostname; df -g | awk '/dev/ && $4+0 > 70'"; done

I also tried these two methods and they did not work. It just seemed to hang like this.
for i in `cat servers`; do ssh $i '/bin/hostname; df -g | awk '/dev/ && $4+0 > 80''; done
for i in `cat servers`; do ssh $i '/bin/hostname; df -g | awk "/dev/ && $4+0 > 80"'; done

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Here documents work for this situation, example with ssh keys set up :

ssh somewhere << EOF
  ls some_folder; 
  cd ./some_folder
  ./  'some params'
  ./do_ some_other_action  'other params'


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Try escaping awk's $ sign.
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Some advanced comments (this is the Advanced forum)
If you have a string in ' ' and want to have embedded ' ' (for the remote host) then use '\'' for each embedded '
for i in `cat servers`; do ssh $i 'hostname; df -g | awk '\''/dev/ && $4+0 > 80'\'''; done

(In this example you could omit the last '' of course.)

A here document like
ssh remotehost << 'EOF'
remote commands...

(quote the first EOF!) will solve most such head aches.

The clean solution is: two scripts!
A remotescript and
the ssh script like
ssh remotehost bash <

Without any local evaluation the remotescript is sent to the remote host.
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Quoting is a pain in the ass if you try to do it in combination with ssh commands.

Some hints:
  • Perform the actual textprocessing locally if possible, like this: ssh remoteserver command | grep ... | cut ... | awk ...
  • Put all what you want to do into a script, copy the script to remote and run it. I wrote a small script myself, which does that for me on a list of servers:
    • check connectivity to server
    • copy script package to server
    • extract script package on server
    • run script on server
    • delete script package
  • If you have a list of servers you have to manage regularly, dive into some management or admin tool that allows the tasks for multiple servers(pssh, ansible, puppet, chef, saltstack, ...)

I just checked google. Seems that AIX has some support on the primary linux targeted config management tools above:
AIX configuration management with ... Something

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With my proposal the remote shell (e.g. bash) runs the input stream - no need to copy/delete any files.
You can even use parameters:
ssh remotehost /bin/bash -s arg1 arg2 <

arg1 and arg2 are passed to $1 and $2, respectively.

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