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Old 10-23-2001
Mail services not working

Hello, all.

We currently have three UNIX boxes run Reliant Unix, a System V Release 4
variant. Mail can't be sent out of one of the boxes to anywhere outside the box.

For a client we use the mail command. I am not sure how to determine the message transfer daemon that is running.

When mail is sent to a user off the box, the message appears to have been sent but it never arrives.

I checked and compared the following files to the systems that are working and they are identical.


DNS is not running on any of the UNIX boxes but on an NT server.
Any ideas what to look for ? ANything else that I should be checking?
Thanks for any help..
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Old 10-23-2001
mail problems

I don't know what you have tried, so I will ask a few diagnostic questions.

Have you checked your network?

Can you ping outside the box? Is your LAN card active.
Do netstat to see if it is "UP".

If you can ping and rlogin to other boxes, that will tell you that you can get outside the box.

When was the last time you could send mail?

Do you have Sendmail running on your box. If so, check to see if the daemon is running. If not, you will need to restart it. Just type /usr/sbin/sendmail to get it going, if that is the correct directory. It might be in /usr/sbin/sendmail. Type "type sendmail" to locate it if you have it loaded on your box.

Can you mail from another box to this box?
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Old 10-23-2001
possible solution

I have a friend who has used this flavor of UNIX before.

He said to try these files as well:

/etc/mail/mailsurr. There is a man page, mailsurr.
/etc/mail/mailcnfg. Look at the man page as well, mailcnfg.

Also, look at these files as well.

/etc/mail/namefiles points to /etc/mail/names.

Read this man page for help also, mailalias.

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