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Old 10-12-2001
Question Security?!

Hi all,

I've just taken over a linux box (around 350 users). What's the best way to check the system for backdoors, trojans and all that stuff compromising the system?

Thank you all
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Old 10-12-2001
I guess my first step would be to run a port scan on the server.

Second, I would check all my non-user id's, i.e.: htdig, mysql, nfs, etc..., and make sure they don't have a shell script applied against their user id's .

Third, I would check my password policy to ensure that your users can't use simple dictionary names for passwords.

Fourth, I would set up port sentry to keep an eye open for any weird activity, and if you have a spare linux server around and a couple of nic cards, I would activate tcpdump and monitor activity coming into your network for a couple of days (hopefully you've got the space).

Finally, shut down non-required services and try to get your users to use ssh and sftp when/if they connect to the server. That way you can get rid of telnet which, as you likely know, send passwords and userid in the clear.

Anyway, some suggestions for you to think of.


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